Victims of Aggressive Drivers Can Often Recover Compensation

We all know an aggressive driver when we see one on the road. They’re nothing if not frightening. Aggressive driving may be appropriate on the racetrack, but it’s decidedly not appropriate when on our public highways and byways. Aggressive drivers are dangerous drivers who endanger everyone with whom they share the roadways. If an aggressive driver has left you or someone you care about injured – or worse – you need an experienced Riverside car accident attorney.

California Takes Aggressive Driving Seriously

In California, unlike many other states, aggressive driving is a criminal offense under its reckless driving laws. California identifies reckless driving as a “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property,” and many types of driving behaviors can indicate such a disregard, including:

  • Speeding
  • Swerving
  • Tailgating

Aggressive driving can take many forms, and aggressive drivers rarely engage in only one form of recklessness – many, in fact, get creative with just how aggressive they can get behind the wheel. If found guilty, these drivers face jail time and significant fines (sometimes including increased insurance rates). When the level of aggression rises to that of road rage, the State of California considers the driver’s car a deadly weapon, and the legal stakes are much higher.

Aggressive Driving: Speeding

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety relays that speeding is the primary form of aggressive driving on our roadways. Moreover, speed plays a significant role in almost a third of all traffic fatalities. You learned it in Driver’s Education years ago, but it remains just as true today – speed kills. Give drivers who are speeding dangerously all the room that you can safely afford to give them.

Sharing the Road with Aggressive Drivers

It’s established – aggressive drivers are dangerous drivers. When an aggressive driver is in your midst, there are tactics you can employ to avoid escalating the danger (which is always a possibility):

  • Give aggressive drivers all the space on the road that you possibly can. Don’t compete for your own space.
  • Don’t even consider retaliating against the aggressive driver. Aggressive drivers are exceedingly open about their willingness to engage in dangerous driving techniques; they don’t need encouragement.
  • Don’t make eye contact with the aggressive driver – it’s likely to be interpreted as a challenge.
  • Report aggressive drivers to the authorities. You might help prevent a serious accident.
  • If an aggressive driver gets out of his or her car to confront you, do not leave your vehicle and do not engage with that driver under any circumstances. Road rage is a dangerous business.

If an Aggressive Driver Has Left You Injured, The JLF Firm in Downey, California, Is Here to Help

Accidents caused by aggressive drivers are dangerous and terrifying. If you’ve been injured in such an accident, the dedicated legal team at The JLF firm in Riverside has the experience, compassion, and determination to aggressively advocate for the compensation to which you’re entitled. We’re here to help, so contact or call us at 562-222-3067 to schedule a free initial consultation today.