Top 7 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident While on the Roadway

While the very nature of most accidents would indicate that the circumstances were unavoidable. However, the truth of the matter is that a large part of the accidents that occur on the Southern California Riverside roads can be prevented. With so many of the accidents being caused by poor behavior by the drivers behind the wheel.

The best way to prevent car accidents is to understand what kind of things that be avoided. Being able to avoid an accident is directly related to the things that you do behind the wheel of your car. Below is a list of the top 7 ways that anyone can follow in order prevent a serious car accident.

Top 7 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident While on the Roadway

Excessive speed contributes to far too many accidents – Every road and street in Riverside
has a posted speed limit. For the most part, the posted speed limit is set by several factors, but safety by far is the number one factor. By adhering to all the posted speed limits, you are far more likely to be able to avoid a car accident.

Avoid driving while excessively tired – Fatigue has a significant effect on a person’s reaction time, and it also can impair their judgment. It is extremely important that you be always alert when you are behind the wheel of a 3000-pound piece of machinery that is your average vehicle.

Avoid too many distractions behind wheel – Anything that takes your eyes and your mind off the road can be a leading cause of an accident. Nothing should be more important than paying attention to the road around you. Be especially sure that your phone is tucked away, or you are using a hands-free device to talk on a phone if absolutely necessary.

Never drive under the influence of any intoxicant – Driving while impaired or under the influence of any intoxicant is never a good idea. It is one of the leading causes of most vehicle accidents in America today. This includes prescribed medications that state you should not operate heavy machinery.

Always wear your seatbelt – Being ejected from a vehicle during a crash or hitting your head or face on the steering wheel or windshield is a major cause of death or severe injuries during a car accident. To prevent this from occurring you should always wear a seatbelt. You can also receive an additional ticket if you were pulled over and the police officer discovers that you were not wearing it.

Keep up on your car’s maintenance – It is always a good idea to keep up with your car’s maintenance according to the car instruction manual prevent you from breaking down or something happen to your car while you are driving it down

Be sure not overlook the road conditions – The safe posted speed limit is set for optimal driving conditions and road conditions. It is important then you pay attention to whether the road is dry, wet, snow or ice covered. Each of those different conditions will majorly affect how you should be driving.

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