Make 2019 Your Safest Year Behind the Wheel Yet

The new year is here, and you want to ring it in safely. There are several safe driving tips you can adopt to help make 2019 a safe year for you and your family. Every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, make driving safely your top priority. And if you do find yourself injured in a car accident, contact an experienced Pomona car accident attorney right away.

Drive Sober

Perhaps in the past, you’ve had a drink or two before heading out in your car and never had a problem. This doesn’t, however, mean that this practice won’t cause you trouble in the future. Law enforcement has become increasingly tough of drinking and driving, and new research indicates that even one drink can raise your risk of getting in an accident. Make it your policy not to drink and drive, ever. With today’s incredibly efficient drive-share apps, there is simply no reason to drive if you’ve been drinking.

Share the Road Safely

The fact is that we share the road with lots of other people, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. Make it your business to watch out for others on the road – especially those who are less visible. When people are on foot or a bike or motorcycle, they are not only harder to see but are also more vulnerable to the impact of an accident. Keeping an eye out for people with whom we share the roadway but who aren’t in cars helps keep everyone safer.

Keep Your Car in Tiptop Shape

Part of staying safe on the road is keeping your car in safe working condition. In the new year, take the opportunity to make sure your car is in excellent shape by having your mechanic check it out and perform any necessary maintenance. Keeping your car in great shape will provide you with additional peace of mind when you head out on the road.

Use the Correct Car Seat Correctly

If children travel with you, make sure that you always use the correct car seat for their age and size, that you always install the car seat correctly in your vehicle, and that you always buckle the children safely and securely into their car seats.

Buckle Up for Safety

Make it your policy not to drive until everyone is your vehicle is buckled up safely.

Put Down Your Phone

We’re all very attached to our phones, but smartphones and driving don’t mix. When you’re behind the wheel of your car, put your phone away. When you interact with your phone to text or surf the internet while driving, you are driving blind, and that is not safe. That text can wait.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Speed limits are set for a reason, and that’s to help keep everyone who travels on our roadways safer. Follow all posted road signs, and lower your speed to account for road conditions. If the weather leaves the road slick, if visibility is low, if you are in road construction, or if the road itself is in bad repair, slow down to accommodate for these conditions.

Stay Safe Out There

When you get behind the wheel of your car, always make arriving alive your top priority and make 2019 your year of driving safely. Contact us today to discuss your personal injury case.