Average Settlement Value

Determining what the average amount a car accident case settles in Downey, California.

When it comes to personal injury cases such as those resulting from a car accident there are a number of factors that will affect the total amount the both sides will eventually settle for. With the fact that only 2-3% of the car accident lawsuits actually end up in a courtroom, this leads to large number of out of court settlements. The average amount a neck / back strain car accident case settles in Downey, California. is about $10,000.00. While the number may seem small, but the sheer number of cases and the factors involved play a huge role in the amount.

Since every single case is unique in that no two cases are likely to be similar enough to predict how much both parties will be willing to settle the case for. It really depends on the sheer number of circumstances and details that are involved in put together a significantly powerful case. When it comes to settling it depends on a number of factors.

Things that contribute to the average settlement amount of a car accident in Downey, California.

When it comes to figuring out why some personal injury settlements from car accidents are as high as they are you only have to look at several of the factors that are involved in most of these types of cases. The amount of actual damages can become quite excessive depending on how severe the accident was.

Here is a list of four biggest contributing factors to settlement value.

Cost of car repairs – Since part of determining the actual loss, the amount of damages done to the car of victim will play a big part in the amount of settle between the parties of the lawsuit. The amount of money beyond what the insurance company is willing to pay out to cover the accident will also play a role in the amount of damages for car repairs. However, many of the settled case will likely involve one of the parties not having car insurance or one person being substantially more liable in the accident.

Documented medical expenses – The single largest contributing factor to the amount of damages being sought has to be any injuries to the plaintiff caused directly by the accident. Of course, the more severe the injuries tend to lead to much higher medical bills. Then there are expenses involving possible future medical expenses are frequently demanded as part of the case.

Amount of out of pocket expenses – Incidental costs, while much smaller in nature can easily add up over time depending on the length of time the recovery takes. Things like towing charges, cab fares or Uber or Lyft charges can easily add up to a substantial amount depending on how far away the accident occurs from your residence. Then you have to consider the cost of prescription and non-prescription medications for the treatment of injuries directly related to the the car accident.

Lost wages and earnings – Depending on the severity of the accident and the injuries involved, the amount of loss of work can be substantial. While most people have so amount of vacation time that they can use to cover some of the time, however, if it stretches out over a long period of time, there could be a substantial amount of lost wages.

Since every single case is different and no two circumstances are the same it is not easy to determine what amount a settlement might bring in a car accident. The JLF Firm aggressively protects the legal rights of injury victims. Call (562) 418-6880 today or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.